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Stimulate nerve function, boost circulation, increase energy.

Kate Adler

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Reflexology Therapy

About Kate

Kate has practised Reflexology for over 30 years after qualifying at the British School of Reflexology with Ann Gillanders in 1991. The feet map the body, so the whole body is treated through the feet, helping to bring the body into homeostasis (complete balance).


Kate has also qualified in various other techniques and in Vertical Reflexology (VRT) with Lynn Booth, which is a powerful but brief reflexology technique that was discovered and developed by reflexologist Lynne Booth in the early 1990's and is applied to the dorsal weight-bearing feet (or hands).


In 2011 VRT received a Highly Commended Award for its Outstanding Contribution to Complementary Medicine by the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM). VRT is ideally incorporated into a classical reflexology session at the beginning and end of a session without increasing the appointment time but is also used in shorter sessions and self-help.


VRT is versatile and can be used in semi-weight bearing positions on small children and babies, for palliative care and older people, for sports injuries, general treatments and in the workplace. The anatomical explanation for VRT’s efficacy is that the nerves on the passive feet are naturally de-sensitised but, when weightbearing, these nerves become sensitised and appear to send a stronger healing impulse to an organ, gland, muscle or vertebra.


Kate uses a combination of all the different techniques in each treatment.


Reflexology can treat all conditions, including stress, circulation problems, sinus issues, headaches/migraines, sleep disorders, PMT and menopause to name a few.

Reflexology Treatment 

  • 1 Hour session £60.00 


Thursday: 2.30pm - 6.00pm

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