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We offer competitive and affordable prices, fantastic health doesn't have to be expensive!!


You can receive the high-quality treatments you need for less than you expect. Our small, family-run practice pride ourselves on our excellent value, our prices stay affordable and competitive without affecting the excellent quality of service.


We are dedicated to providing you with the very highest standards of care, whether you're looking for Chiropractic, Podiatry, Massage, Sports Therapy or Exercise & Nutrition.

Book an appointment, or discuss your needs with our friendly, experienced staff today and you could be looking at a brighter tomorrow.


Chiropractic Treatment 

  • Initial Consultation: £75.00, 60 minutes

  • Treatment: £48.00, 20 minutes

  • Over 2 years since last appointment: £63.00, 40 minutes

  • Over 5 years since last appointment: £75.00, 60 minutes

  • Chiro check (1 session only per patient) Free, 20 minutes 

  • Initial Consultation (under 18 and Students (with ID) £70.00

  • Treatment (under 18 & students) £43.00 

  • Cancellation Fee - 2nd time (less than 24 hr notice) Full Treatment Fee

Sports Injury

Sports Massage

  • Initial Consultation and Treatment: £55.00, 1 hour 

  • Deep Tissue Sports Massage: £55.00, 1 hour


Sport & Exercise Nutrition

  • Nutrition Consultation: £55.00, 3/4 hour 

  • Performance Package: £100.00

  • Body Consumption Analysis: £35.00

  • Personalised Diet Plans: Price on application

Psychology Patient


  • Individuals Therapy: £65.00, 1 hour 

  • Couples Therapy: £80.00, 1 hour

Available on Saturdays Only

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St Neots Chiropractic Clinic

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