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Dedicated treatment plans to suit your individual needs

Keep your body in top condition

Tom Mitchell has recently joined the team here at St Neots Chiropractic Clinic as one of our massage therapists and is slowly building his own client base of patients in that area.

As well as achieving a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science, Tom went on to study for his MSc in Sports Nutrition at Postgraduate level and is keen to bring those skills to the clinic for benefit of patients.

Tom has had successful results in the past helping clients overcome the following:

- High Cholesterol (reducing back to "normal" levels)

- Type 2 Diabetes (reducing back to "normal" levels)

- Management of Type 1 diabetes

- Management of weight whilst suffering from ME

Tom has also successfully helped many clients who were looking to loose weight, whether it be a few kilos or those suffering with obesity.

No FAD diets are involved at any stage. Simply food-first, scientifically proven methods, based around a balanced diet of real foods and tailored to meet your own goals and activity levels. The aim being to utilise the foods you like to eat as much as possible, therefore increasing the likelihood of sustaining a lifestyle change - with a few healthier adjustments along the way when required.

The process is based on loosing fat mass, whilst maintaining muscle mass, which can help us in later life by reducing the occurrence of falls etc. Our muscles are the tissues that use energy and burn calories, so by avoiding the loss of muscle mass, we are better able to maintain weight loss. All of this is achieved via the manipulation of nutrition.


Tom Mitchell
Active IQ Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy
MSc Sport Nutrition 
BSc Sport & Exercise Science
ISAK Level 1 Body Composition Award
UKAD Accredited Advisor